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Twitch Gamers & Live Streamers - Another form of Influencer Marketing?

As of 2018, Twitch has gained an immense presence amongst the major social media platforms. The BIG question is, whether it could be used as a new form of influencer marketing for Brands?

Now the rise of Twitch streamers, the launch of Fortnite, Rapper Drake's Random Appearance, Record breaking donations from MrBeast to twitch streamers - "a trend-setting content which a revolves on Social Media Figure's donating large sums of money to 'see their reaction', Twitch User Ninja's $500k per month confession, combined has created a huge boost in twitch user database.

Some may argue that the increase of Twitch's user base comes down to it's notoriously famous for its simple donation technology - this has changed the life's of some influencers; some of whom are now focusing most of there energy towards the platform. Others may point out that twitch is very much a platform that is focused on Gaming & with the flood of traffic from Fortnight, it hasn’t seen anything this big since the coming of Minecraft.

Now the rise of twitch influencers is something to keep an eye on. Fans donating money directly to their live creators is a level of influence that is unquestionable.

Minecraft Influnecers

The real question lies on whether it could cater to other categories or genre's. For Instance are we going to see a Beauty twitch streamer or Fashion? It is very early to tell however, rival platforms such as YouTube launching & heavily pushing its live features may just make it much more difficult for Twitch to expand on other categories.

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