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4 reasons why Influencer Marketing to be the next big thing in advertising!

Influencer marketing has become one of the most popular advertising channels recently, as 94% of those who used influencer marketing believe the tactic to be effective. It’s so popular now that brands must evolve to stand out and avoid blending in with the competing social media promotion — it’s becoming very crowded.

Here are 4 key points from the survey by Altimeter and Linqia about Influencer Marketing:

1. It is working well:

Ninety-four percent of those who used influencer marketing believe the tactic to be effective. Marketers said that influencer marketing's top benefits are creating authentic content about their brand (89 percent), followed by driving engagement around their brand (77 percent), and driving traffic to their websites or landing pages (56 percent).

2. Or so it seems …

On the other hand, seventy-eight percent of respondents declared measuring the ROI of influencer marketing as their top challenge for 2017, yet 61% of marketers are still measuring the success of their programs through audience reach, which is a metric that can be easily falsified through the purchase of “fake followers.”

3. Budget for Influencer Marketing is increasing!

Over 60 percent of marketers plan to spend more next year, and for those companies which spend more than $250,000 on influencer marketing, that percentage jumps to 67%. The percentage grows further to 77% when examining companies that are currently investing in technology.

4. Future goal for influencer programs centre on advocacy and awareness:

Michael Troiano, Chief Marketing officer of Actifio, stated that “What customers want is intimacy... they expect to be understood as individuals, and to be treated like people. What marketers want is scale, the ability to touch lots of people at the most efficient CPM possible. The reason to get excited about social marketing is that it offers the promise of “Scalable Intimacy,” really the first medium to do so. And authenticity is the currency of this medium. You can’t “fake it,” by definition.”

The role of influence is also starting to explore new horizons. Here is 10 goals of influencer marketing on advocacy and awareness:

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