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Influencer Marketing - Boon Or Bane?

Everyone is talking about influencer marketing. I am sure you have heard advice like: "Focus on content" or "The authentic voice matters". You really want to try influencer marketing but are unsure about the execution? You are not the only one doubting the concept.

Here are two of the most common concerns:

1. Influencers do not understand your needs as a marketer.

Whether the influencer fails to meet your deadline or is not available for calls, these are problems every marketer has faced during the work with social influencers. What is more: The typical influencer does not really seem to care about losing a deal caused by lack of commitment on their side because: they are young and earn a lot of money anyway. Furthermore influencers think the community aspect of social media is more valuable than the profit a business can achieve.

2. Influencers are unprofessional

Speaking of money: it is common to believe that influencers are undedicated and aloof hence the fact that they earn high amounts of money in every young age. Many people think they do not understand how influential they are and handle deals

unprofessionally because of their lack of knowledge concerning business.

3. The truth

The ability to reach a millennial target group with an unbeatable return of investment does not come without a price! Influencers are young people and have young people's mindsets. They earn a lot of money and often choose the loyalty of their community over a deal but actually that is a good thing. Because a common mistake amongst marketers is the undervaluation of the community aspect. Only because of the high engagement within followers and subscribers, influencer marketing is as powerful and efficient as it is right now! Businesses will be more and more dependent on influencer marketing in the future and influencers can only be sustainable advertising channels if focusing on what they are good at: engaging with their community.

Do not get me wrong, you are right thinking that working with influencers can be difficult and exhausting sometimes. That is why it is inevitable to work with agencies which specialize on translating your targets to the influencer while always making sure the influencer's voice stays authentic.


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