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Stop burning money - 5 reasons to stop using traditional advertising

1. Banner Ads

Are dead A study revealed that only 2.8% of participants believed that ads on a website are applicable. Moreover approximately 47 % of online consumers are using ad blockers. Do the maths yourself.

2. Return Of Investment

Despite the fact that measuring ROI in traditional advertising is far from easy and not very exact, the actual return for your company might not be ideal. In influencer marketing however there are smart methods of measurement. Furthermore according to Tomoson the average ROI is 650%.

3. Traditional advertisement is dying

The biggest downside of traditional marketing is the lack of targeting. There is no way of reaching a desired audience better than going through a channel that can provide for exact demographics and engagement in different groups of age, location and gender. What is more: For example, once a TV ad campaign is over, it is over. Whereas a campaign published on social media is very likely to stay online and still function as source for new customer acquisitions.

4. Nobody pays attention to TV ads

It is commonly known that an advertisement break is used for many things except actually watching your advert. Wether the viewer prepares snacks, goes to the bathroom or changes the channel, it is very unlikely for her/him to pay attention to your spot! Also Netflix is a great example of dominating ad free tv! Ironically 87% of viewers are using more than one device at a time while watching TV. They're probably checking out their favourite influencer's most recent post.

5. Referral over everything

What actually still works best to acquire a new customer is the referral by a friend. Many people don't trust reviews by huge websites or promises within an advert. They want to hear a friend's opinion, something and someone they can trust in. That is why influencer marketing and the close connection between influencers and their viewers are extremely powerful.


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