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Why influencer marketing is changing the game

Have you ever wondered about the point of those countless teenagers posting photos and videos about their favourite eye liners, autumn clothes or their favourite app? If yes: You’re in good company. If not: I would highly recommend jumping on the Youtube train - it is not too late.

The good thing about influencer marketing: It works. 92% of people trust an individuals recommendation over a brand’s and 74% of consumers use social media to make a purchase decision. Moreover the people who still think the social media hype will fade in the near future shall be wrong as Snapchat’s annual growth rate is at 56%.

Everyone who is familiar with marketing to the slightest degree knows that not even teenagers would promote anything for free. But isn’t the whole point of putting up videos on youtube authenticity and the creator’s honest opinion? Luckily being paid doesn’t have to mean doing things you don't like. Rather than brands buying an influencer’s opinion, there is a process of matching an influencers personality with a brand’s identity. If there is a good fit, the process of creation can begin.

A brand obviously thinks about a target and a budget: Many acquisitions for a low cost. A YouTuber wants to have fun and produce videos their followers would like. At this point the tricky part of influencer marketing begins. As the influencer usually doesn’t speak „brand“ and definitely vice versa there is a need for a translator. An agency is responsible for creating a campaign or video idea that is on the one hand informative enough for viewers to understand the promoted product but on the other hand entertaining enough for viewers not to skip it like a TV ad. Especially when your target group is teenagers, I would highly recommend investing into influencer marketing as 8 in 10 of the most influential people for teen audiences are YouTubers.

Albert Schweitzer: "Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing." My vision is to create an environment for influencers to protect their most valuable asset: Their authentic voice.

Source: (11/30.16 - 12pm)

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